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Joint Modular Languages Conference 2000

In September I attended JMLC 2000 at Zürich and showed my WebDAV project at the Oberon Expo. Here you see some people listening to a talk.   (275K). And here you can see Greg Haynes and me   (43K) at the Oberon expo. The pictures (and more) are also found on ETHs page on JMLC.
For more information here a short text on WebDAV I wrote for the Oberon Expo. When reading it remember it's three years old. But before you wonder that not more happend during these three years keep in mind that RFC3253 only was finished in 2002.

Version Control with VCS

VCS05A.ARC (34K) VCS is a simple version control system which gives you funcionality similar to RCS.It's usable for text and binary files in Native Oberon (Should also compile for Bluebottle). This means that also for binary files diffs will be created to save disk space. The latest version is stored as is and older versions are accessed by applying the differences. Due to the internal format the size of a history file is only limited by the filesystem.
Future versions will be part of WebDAV (see below).

WebDAV (Distributed Authoring and Versioning)

WebDAV (RFC 2518) defines how to manipulate resources on a server. It's sort of a ftp++ loosely spoken. WebDAV is extended by DeltaV (RFC3253) which adds versioning and workspaces to resource manipulation. WebDAV.1.4.Zip (120KB) is a server and client for Bluebottle .
The client is running also on WinAosOberon.a1.03. Please use WinAosDAV.1.3.2.Zip (104KB). Finally it's done ! For NO (Developed with NO 5.1.2003) you can use NODAV.1.3.2.Zip (90KB)
It isn't in any way a complete implementation yet, but it allows a couple of features of basic and also some advanced versioning features like baselines and subbaselines.
For getting write access on the testing server "http://webdav.ethz.ch/" please send me an email with an account name and a password.

Change log:

Feedback to my Oberon Forum please.

PPP (Point to Point Protocol)

My newest version for NO is 1.2.0. It has a new method for specifying PAP info than older versions, so please read PPP.Tool.
PPP120.ARC (56K). From Oberon please download with HyperDocs.Panel's 'Fetch ^' button.
Peter Easthope did some 'tinkering' with PPP. He solved a problem he had connecting with his provider. Information on his work you can find at carnot.pathology.ubc.ca under 'Miscellaneous Links'. For Bluebottle there is a version that's working for me for a couple of months now. After stopping restart doesn't work sometimes. esaos.PPP.1.0.a.zip (63K). Comments welcome. You can also tell me something in my Oberon Forum. Information on PPP you can find in RFC1548.

The Internet

RFC (request for comments)

A RFC is an Internet standard document. You can find it at numerous sites in the web. Many universities provide RFCs. E.g. you can have a look at RFC index for a complete list.